Hello stranger

Nearly two years have passed since I last wrote! So much has happened in that time, most of it good, but it’s time to get back to some creative joy. I’ve been starting lots and finishing nothing, and I need to change that. Did you watch the Channel 4 series “Grayson’s Art Club”? That’s one of the main reasons I’ve dusted myself down and picked … Continue reading Hello stranger

Letting go of the outcome

During the last few months I’ve had a lot on my mind. Most of the “things” seem pretty big, and I’ve been frustrated as I can’t seem to find my way through them.  This all sounds very dramatic, but it isn’t really. I have probably made it more stressful through my usual way of needing to find a solution RIGHT NOW and wanting to get cracking. This has always been one of my short comings, not having the patience to just let things unfold as they should.  Continue reading “Letting go of the outcome”

Unravel your mind – it’s not selfish knitting

I am now eight weeks post surgery and I find myself being a little more active each day. I’m spending less time just sitting and feeling unwell which is a good indicator that I am improving. When I normally have down-time, I am quite productive. It has been a different situation lately and it’s felt like a physical slog to need so much rest with no inclination or desire to do anything, let alone think.

Continue reading “Unravel your mind – it’s not selfish knitting”

Are you an Everyday Knitter?

I am a moderator of a vibrant Facebook Knitting group called Everyday Knitter. It was set up by Louise Tilbrook and we now have over 17,000 members worldwide. We support local yarn stores (either bricks and mortar or online), independent producers and yarn dyers with our weekly promo post. We want you to tell us about your own business and share the love for others … Continue reading Are you an Everyday Knitter?