Are you an Everyday Knitter?

I am a moderator of a vibrant Facebook Knitting group called Everyday Knitter. It was set up by Louise Tilbrook and we now have over 17,000 members worldwide. We support local yarn stores (either bricks and mortar or online), independent producers and yarn dyers with our weekly promo post. We want you to tell us about your own business and share the love for others that you support.

It’s a great place to find out about interesting patterns, ask for advice on techniques, or gain collective support after frogging your latest project. We enjoy monthly challenges and projects (all entirely optional and no pressure), as well as sharing trusted resources and information. We are very much “all about the knitting” so we don’t allow NKR or spammy sales posts.

If this sounds like your kind of group, please do come and join us. You’ll find people from all over the world to welcome you to the Everyday Knitter family!


3 thoughts on “Are you an Everyday Knitter?

  1. And as one of the very early members I can honestly say that it’s the most friendly and welcoming group here on Facebook. I have met up with several members now on different occasions and it has been FABULOUS ❤️💙 it you want 17000 new friends, all of whom are mad about knitting, welcome aboard xx

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  2. I’m brand new today. 😊. My friend told me about your site. I’m a relatively new knitter. Been knitting for about 2 years this coming fall and love it!!

    Looking forward to
    This site.

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  3. Looking forward to sharing with all you knitters out there. Just found out about this place today. I’m a relatively new knitter, been knitting for about 2 years. Absolutely love it !❤️❤️

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