Unravel your mind – it’s not selfish knitting

I am now eight weeks post surgery and I find myself being a little more active each day. I’m spending less time just sitting and feeling unwell which is a good indicator that I am improving. When I normally have down-time, I am quite productive. It has been a different situation lately and it’s felt like a physical slog to need so much rest with no inclination or desire to do anything, let alone think.

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Are you an Everyday Knitter?

I am a moderator of a vibrant Facebook Knitting group called Everyday Knitter. It was set up by Louise Tilbrook and we now have over 17,000 members worldwide. We support local yarn stores (either bricks and mortar or online), independent producers and yarn dyers with our weekly promo post. We want you to tell us about your own business and share the love for others … Continue reading Are you an Everyday Knitter?

Edward’s Menagerie: Dogs Launch Party

If you’ve seen this amazing book of canine crochet patterns you’ll have noticed some real life dogs gracing the pages along with their crochet counterparts. When Kerry Lord, founder and creative director of Toft put out a request for doggy models on Facebook, I replied with a picture of my dog Stanley, and I was thrilled (and somewhat surprised) when he was chosen to represent “Romeo” the Schnauzer. Continue reading “Edward’s Menagerie: Dogs Launch Party”