I’m a fibre-enthusiast with a stash acquired beyond life expectancy. I’m drawn to vibrant colours, natural fibres and tactile fabrics.

I came back to knitting during a period of severe illness. I was confined to the house and unable to work. I couldn’t do much at all, but I wanted to keep my mind active.

I learnt to knit as a youngster with my grandmother, but like many of us I left the skills behind when teenage-hood struck and knitting with Grandma became seriously uncool.

How I wish Grandma could see me now. I can knit. I can crochet. I still use some of her hooks and needles which are over 100 years old. I’ve made the most beautiful shawls for wedding outfits, and I’ve had my fair share of disasters!

Something awesome came out of that dark time of illness for me. As well as finding new skills, I gained friends, created work opportunities, and experienced joy.

Swift and Skein is a platform to document my exploration of the vast fibre arts world, and to showcase my professional and artistic collaboration with likeminded people.

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