2018 Targets – May update

I originally wrote a post on my old blog in July 2017 regarding getting my mojo back, and it is as relevant today as it was 11 months ago. My life can be chaotic at times due chronic illness causing severe pain and fatigue (amongst other delights). I’ve spent the last two years on a rollercoaster of ups and downs but I’m happy to say that I’m starting to clear the decks and get back on track.

As we’re nearly half way through 2018 I’ve given some thought as to what I can achieve during the rest of this year.

Many of my targets were parked in 2017.  I’ve been fine tuning them in May, and here is the result. I’ve been mindful to set measures and timescales. It sounds officious and corporate doesn’t it? But if you don’t give yourself a framework to pin targets to, they become a wish list without a great deal of importance.

Targets also have to be realistic and achievable. Yes, I’d love to be able to monetise my blog and have thousands of followers. Is that realistic for me at the moment? Probably not this year, and definitely not achievable without completing some basic tasks first!

Action: Complete the set up of blog and associated social media accounts
Measure: Website, Facebook, Instagram setup complete
When: 1st June 2018

Action: Plan of regular content
Measure: List of regular features with at least 5 planned subjects for each
When: 8th June

Action: Engage five new clients
Measure: One new client per month between June and November
When: 30th November 2018

Action: Create more examples for heirloom commissions to build a portfolio
Measure: one wedding shawl, one christening gown, one generic wrap
When: 30th September 2018

Action: Learn to take better photographs of my work
Measure: 5 training sessions
When: 31st July 2018

I’ll be writing about my progress on these targets at the end of each month, and explaining in more detail the work I have completed. I think it will be an interesting exercise to document the challenges and wins on a monthly basis and the overall impact on my plans.

Of course there’ll be other things that get thrown into the mix that will make the “easy on paper” targets more slippery, but I’m feeling positive right now. Long may that feeling continue!


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